Huawei has become a global name now; wherever you go you’ll see a Huawei stores and ads. That’s because it has become a major contender in global smartphone market. The biggest element in Huawei’s worldwide success is its focus on innovation and catering the needs of all customer segments.

Huawei has come a long way from being just an equipment provider to a telecom and technology giant. The portfolio of Huawei is expanding steadily while acquiring great success in every area of the industry. Talking specifically about the mobile services and application development, Huawei has touched a new milestone.

Huawei Mobile Service is an all in one platform where you can find literally everything. With your unique Huawei ID you can conveniently link to all its applications. Huawei Mobile Cloud, Huawei App Gallery, Huawei Video, Huawei Theme, Huawei Screen Magazine, and Huawei Browser basically fulfill all your mobile needs. So, either you want to watch videos, save memories, change your theme and get the best art pictures; Huawei Mobile Service is your one-stop entertainment. Due to the amazing options it offers, HUAWEI Mobile Services has touched 100 million users mark outside of China which is a huge achievement.

The amazing popularity of HUAWEI Mobile Services is not limited to Huawei users only, rather developers also see it as an attractive place to bring out their innovation. It has become a global platform for developers who passionately work for more intelligent solutions and make a real difference.

Milestone Successes for Huawei Mobile Services H1 2019

The milestone successes for HUAWEI Mobile Services for the first half of 2019 include:

  • In-App Purchase (IAP) is now available in more than 140 countries.
  • The HUAWEI AppGallery generates 1 Billion+ apps downloads outside of China
  • Outside the Chinese market, over 280 Million Themes are being downloaded each year
  • HUAWEI Browser has reached 100% MoM growth since its launch outside of China in March 2019
  • HUAWEI Music is now available in 35 countries with over 30 million tracks.
  • HUAWEI Assistant will start its global roll-out from 2019 with top partners.

Huawei is one of the major companies that are eagerly working on the revolutionized future we have all been dreaming of. Therefore, keeping the momentum of these results, Huawei announced new developer engagement programs, dubbed ‘Shining-Star’ and HUAWEI DigiX Labs. ‘Shining-Star’ program can be considered one of the many pins Huawei secured for its groundbreaking efforts in furthering innovation across the board.  Huawei has invested around 1 billion USD to provide comprehensive support for developers and create an innovative ecosystem where they can give life to their innovative ideas.  The well-equipped labs with AR, VR, AI, CameraKit, Ability Gallery, HMS core and other open technological capabilities offer a truly open space for innovative work. In 2019, HUAWEI DigiX Labs will be opened in six regions starting with MENA; the first one will be located in Dubai, UAE.

With such innovations and supportive environment, a better future is on the way…!!!