Trade Up

➢ Terms & Conditions:  

  • Customer Trade-In Device must power on, hold a charge and not power off unexpectedly; and be able to read all SIM Card and connect to the local network.
  • Trade-up Programme is applicable to end-customers only; not for trade, corporate or bulk customers.
  • Device shall be properly functioning. 
  • Device must enable Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G/4G/Bluetooth/NFC (if any). It must be able to transmit and receive signals (applicable to both iPhone and Android); able to call IN and OUT.
  • The housing component shall be intact and there shall be no gaps between the housing and screen. 
  • There shall be no major damage; no crack in housing, casing and cover. There shall be no missing button and buttons shall be properly functioning. The display shall be with no black spots, shadow, discoloration or dead pixel of any kind. It shall not be broken or liquid damage. 
  • Trade-in Device shall consist upon genuine parts and not be a clone one. 
  • At the time of trade-in, the Customer must be the owner of the Trade-In Device. The leased devices shall not be eligible.
  • Reactivation Lock, Google Factory Reset Protection, iCloud Lock or any other anti-theft locking software must be disabled on Trade-In Device.
  • This will be the sole responsibility of Vendor to deal with the customer in case, either the traded device has been reported as lost, stolen or the device has been discovered counterfeit.
  • User Data Protection for each Trade-up device shall be the responsibility of the Vendor. The Vendor shall ensure device factory reset in the presence of customer in order to remove all user data i.e Images/Accounts/Logouts/Folder/Videos etc. 
  • The Vendor shall be solely responsible to evaluate the device and offer a competitive price to the customer while following all parameters stated in this terms & conditions.
  • The Vendor shall be solely responsible to fill & complete the Prescribed Form in all respects that being issued by Local Police for Trade-up. 


Disclaimer: Airlink is only facilitating its customers through independent service provider and shall not be held liable by any means for any trade-up transaction.