• What is meant by warranty?

    A written statement that promises the good condition of a product and states that the distributor is responsible for repairing or replacing the desired spare part for a certain period of time i.e. 12months after its purchase as per manufacturer’s terms & conditions.

  • What is warranty period offered for Huawei Mobiles?

    This warranty of the Huawei Mobile Devices extends for a period of 12 months for the official unit (s) commencing from the date of purchase written on the warranty card issued by Airlink Communication except allied accessories such as Battery and Charger and Earphone.

  • What is not covered under warranty?

    This warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

    1. Any defect arising due to misuse of the unit, damages due to liquid ingress, or physical abuse, or normal wear and tear, plastic components like front & back cover plus rubber components like keypad, etc.
    2. The warranty is void if the unit is tampered with, altered or repaired by unauthorized persons.
    3. The warranty is void if the Mac number & IMEI of the unit is deleted, defaced or altered rendering it difficult to identify the instrument.
    4. The warranty is void if the warranty seal on the unit is broken. Damages caused to the unit, by accidents, lightning or any other acts of God are not covered by this warranty.
    5. Whether defective items or components are to be replaced or repaired shall be left to the sole discretion of Supplier. In case of replacement of a part, the defective part removed from the unit becomes the property of Airlink Communication.
    6. There is no warranty of faded colour or wear & tear of product, while to be used by the customer & any third-party hardware or online software installation.
    7. Burnt due to any reason like power failure/heavily surge will not be covered under warranty.
  • What is physical and/or liquid damaged and what should I do in this Case?

    It means if handset is to be found as Customer Abused such as Physical or Liquid damaged, handset to be declared as out of warranty and/or expired warranty. Physical Damage: If customer mobile phone is damaged due to neglect or abuse such as broken LCD/Touch/flip/Housing/Charging port, already repaired by un-authorized lab, warped internal components, bent or cracked mainboard, etc. to be treated as out of warranty product.

    Liquid Damage: If customer mobile phone is damaged due to neglect or abuse such as being dropped in a water or on a wet floor, spilling any liquid on phone, Rain, fog or mist droplets, leaving the phone on moist surfaces like countertops, body perspiration which can cause the main circuit board to rust, water condensation caused by leaving the phone in the bathroom while taking a shower or by leaving the phone in a vehicle overnight especially in winter season also to be treated as out of warranty product.

    In both case, warranty voids and you should consult with our nearest Service Centre for repair estimate, if it is to found un-repairable.

  • Do you support out of warranty products?

    Yes, we support Out of warranty repairs with original spare parts at affordable cost, you can visit to our CS, which is nearest to your city.

  • What days and hours can I reach customer support?

    From Monday to Saturday 9.00AM to 6.00PM, it might be vary in few cities like Gujranwala, Faisalabad but in all major cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Karachi, etc. timings are same.

  • What is your Customer Service Centres network in Pakistan?

    In all major cities of Pakistan, check our CS locations nearest to your city.

  • How should I would be informed after repairing of my handset?

    Our Customer Service Centre is equipped with SMS integration system in all major cities of Pakistan and will be informed through our SMS service to our valuable customers, the repair & ready status, also being offered follow up calls by the CS Front end staff.

  • From where I can buy the Original accessories?

    You can buy original accessories like battery, chargers, hands-free, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth Speaker, Pouch, etc. from our Service Centre Only across Pakistan.

  • I'm having trouble in my handset. How do I contact you for help?

    If you're having trouble in your handset, please contact us at CS Location-Wise provided numbers from Monday to Saturday between 9.00am and 6.00pm and/or our nearest customer services centre at their local landline numbers.

  • What if I don't receive a response to my query?

    We will do our best to respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your query, however if you still haven't heard from us after that time or want to hear back sooner, please call at CS Location-Wise provided numbers or E-mail to us at info@airlinkcommunication.net, we shall get back to you at our earliest.

  • Are there any days that you won't able to help me with my call?

    Yes, but there are only a few days that we are closed on gazetted holidays and won't be able to take your call or query but don't worry we will let you know in advance through our SMS, Alerts, etc.

  • What should I do if I can't find an item on the website?

    If you can't find the item that you're after online, please contact us at 111-667-468, we shall get back to you with the resolution of your complaint, query, etc.


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